Conversational Hypnosis

Conversational Hypnosis is nothing new. In fact I am sure that we have all had a personal experience with conversational hypnosis. We get cornered at a party by that person that we really don’t want to talk to, and as they rudely capitalize our time our mind drifts off to another time and place. Although I am joking this is a good example. What most people miss about hypnosis is that it is a very natural state of mind. There is nothing mystical or magical about hypnosis it is something our brain does automatically. Whenever we are trying to figure out a problem or we are completely focused on a task or object. These are all examples of hypnosis in everyday life.

It is not magic, but it is very powerful if you can recognize the state when it happens and then utilize it. In that statement is the real power of hypnosis. Utilization is the missing element in so many of our lives. We are constantly bombarded with information and knowledge everyday, but how much of it can we actually use for a specific purpose. Hypnosis is no exception. This week I am creating some videos and blog entries about conversational hypnosis and how you can utilize normal conversation to induce a trance and then utilize it for change.

A discussion on conversational hypnosis would not be complete without a mention of Milton Erickson. He was one of the first to effectively utilize conversational hypnosis. he had many different language patterns he used to help people develop a trance and then utilize it to make a change.

I have several videos out on you-tube right now on this subject. The first is about nominalizations. This is the first pattern I am dealing with in this series on conversational hypnosis. The second is about Tag Questions and how they function as a useful tool.

I will be making more as time goes on. Keep checking  back!

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