Hypnosis and Weight Loss

There are countless diets and exercise programs all promising to finally rid us of those extra pounds.Despite the fact that the weight loss industry has seen tremendous growth in the last twenty years Americans continue to gain weight. This continuing trend can lead you to one of two conclusions.

Either the advice you are getting is wrong, or it isn’t being implemented correctly.

There is a wide range of nutritional and exercise programs on the market today. Some of them are based on false assumptions. There are many that are down right dangerous. However; the great majority of programs are very well researched and backed up by science. The fad diets come and go, and usually only people who are into quick fix programs are attracted to them. Most of the people I know choose a very practical program when trying to lose weight, but despite their very practical approach and their dedication to their goal they often see very little improvement, or lose focus and quickly regain any weight they have lost. In fact it is so common that they have even created a name for it “yo-yo dieting”.

 If you pick a good program why is it so hard to see results?

I think that the majority of programs on the market today are well designed and their creators really want to help people lose weight. I also think that people are more disciplined than their results would indicate. There is just one thing missing from these programs that is necessary to help people accomplish their goals.

 The Mental Key

The missing key to unlock the door to your goals is all in your mind, your sub-conscious mind. Most people misunderstand the purpose of the sub-conscious mind. The main purpose of the sub-conscious mind is to keep us in balance. It reminds us that we need to go to sleep, it lets us know when we are hungry, it draws our attention to things we need to notice, like a baby crying in the next room, and it allows us to forget about things we would rather not notice, like the annoying music in the elevator. It speeds up our heart rate when we get scared, and it slows down our heart rate when we go to sleep. It will also remind you that you have a piece of cake at the back of your fridge, or the ice cream you bought that is going to go bad if someone doesn’t eat it. Our sub-conscious controls all of these things and more. That is exactly why I think that.

 Will power is a myth.

The very idea of will power is that you are fighting against yourself. If you are fighting against yourself than all you are really doing is, trying not to do, what you really want to do. This idea is just ridiculous. If you ever find that you are having to utilize will power than what you are really saying is that there is part of you that doesn’t want to accomplish your goal. The only way we can ever move forward is if we get our entire being moving in the direction we want to go. This is where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool that can create the kind of congruency that you need to move forward. I know that there are other ways to go about making change on a mental level, but I have never found a tool that works as quickly and efficiently as hypnosis.

My suggestion

Find a good hypnotherapist and take them a list of the goals you want to accomplish. With that they can create some hypnotic suggestions to get your conscious and your sub-conscious mind moving in the same direction. Stop trying to fight yourself with so called “will power”. I promise you it will not work! Make an investment in yourself, and start making some progress.

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