Hypnosis to Overcome Fear

Fears are a double edged sword. Some fear is good, it keeps us from doing things that would hurt us. It keeps us away from dangerous situations. Fear out of control is debilitating. I don’t think that this is hard to see when you compare the fear someone feels when standing on the edge of a cliff, and the fear some people have of flying. Another common fear that keeps people from reaching their full potential is the fear of public speaking. I have met many people who lived with this fear for a long time telling themselves that they just weren’t meant to be a public speaker. The trigger that led them to try and overcome their fear is the feeling that they had great ideas and they were afraid to tell people about them. It makes me wonder how many poor decisions, and mediocre plans were implemented just because someone was afraid to raise their voice above the crowd.

Hypnosis is a great way to overcome these fears. Hypnosis for Public Speaking is a way to overcome the fear without having to get in front of an audience and suffer through the anxiety. In just a few hypnosis sessions the fear can be brought under control by disassociating from the fear and focusing on the task at hand.

Many people think that the only way to overcome the fear of flying is to actually get on a plane and be terrified a couple of times. This is nonsense, fear of flying hypnosis allows you to use the theatre of your mind and completely erase the fear and then fly to anywhere in the world without even leaving the ground. If fear of any kind is holding you back hypnosis could be the tool you need to overcome that obstacle.

Fear has another component that is separate but related to the long term effects of fear. That is stress. Whenever you are afraid your body releases a chemical flood into your bloodstream to help you prepare for battle against whatever it is you are afraid of. These hormones race into your blood stream and cause your blood pressure to rise, your heart to beat faster, and special hormones that numb your feelings. This reaction is good and necessary when you are in danger and have to run from a bear, but it is not so good if it happens everyday you see your boss, or that annoying customer. This physical reaction is the outcome of stress. Over the long term it can have detrimental effects on your well being and your longevity.

Hypnosis can help you retrain your body to react with relaxation instead of stress so that you would relax  every time you experienced something that used to stress you out. If you would like to hear an example of how this might work in hypnosis submit your email in the link on the side and I will send you a stress reduction MP3. The recording is a good example of what a hypnosis session is like. Try it out and leave me a comment I would enjoy hearing about your experience.

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