Hypnotherapy Scripts for Change

Hypnotherapy scripts are a great way for you to experience the power of hypnosis in the comfort of your own home. Hypnotherapy scripts that are well written, and someone with a soothing voice may be all that you need to overcome your current obstacle. They are easy to use because they take the guesswork out of what to say. They are somewhat limited in their effectiveness because they are written beforehand and they lack the flexibility and responsiveness of a trained therapist. However they can produce radical results if used on a recurring basis.

Overcoming Obstacles

Hypnotherapy Scripts are written to utilize the power of suggestion. Usually they will utilize

Hypnotherapy Scripts help you overcome obstacles
Overcoming Obstacles

a progressive relaxation induction and then a series of suggestions and metaphors for overcoming a specific obstacle or obtaining a certain result. The trouble that most people have is using them correctly. You cannot just read a script and expect that you will see results. Reading keeps your mind active and will not allow you to go into the deeper trance states.


Getting the Best Results with Hypnotherapy Scripts

To really get the best results it is suggested that you either have a friend read it to you, or that you record it beforehand and listen to it played back. This will allow you to really relax and focus on the suggestions that are being given. That way you can sit back close your eyes and breath deeply as you listen to the script being read. Some people are afraid that if they read the script into a recording that they will somehow miss the power of the script because they already know what is inside the script. While there is some truth to this if you relax deeply enough the hypnotherapy script will go straight into your unconscious mind allowing you to bypass your critical mind. This way both parts of your brain are going to know the content. Your critical mind will get it when you read through it and your subconscious will get it when you play it back and relax.

Do you hear what I hear

Recorded Hypnotherapy Scripts sound like the real you
Sometimes what you hear isn’t what everyone else hears

Another issue people have is that they don’t like hearing their own voice recorded. I often hear people say that their recorded voice doesn’t sound like them. The truth is that your recorded voice sounds exactly like you it is exactly what everyone else hears when you speak. What you hear when you speak doesn’t sound like what everyone else hears because your voice is actually distorted by bone conduction. That is the actual vibration of your voice in your head.

Try Hypnotherapy Scripts for yourself

I am attaching a PDF file (Stress Reduction Script) of a hypnotherapy script I recently wrote for stress reduction. Feel free to download it and try it out for yourself . If you can’t find someone to read it for you or if you don’t like your own voice I have also included a Free Hypnosis MP3 AE Stress Reduction. The voice you hear is mine. Let me know what you think, I would enjoy hearing about your experience.  

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