Stress reduction

What is stress? Stress is your bodies natural reaction to situations that your brain considers threatening or dangerous. This is not due to a conscious decision about weather or not the situation is actually dangerous. The decision about weather or not it is dangerous is made by your subconscious mind through control of your autonomic nervous system. This is the system that controls all of your automatic functions. Blinking, breathing, heart rate, etc. You don’t get to make a rational decision because your body knows that your mind takes too long to make decisions sometimes. When a bear jumps out of the bushes and starts to charge you, your unconscious knows that you should react immediately. There is no time for consideration. So it kicks in adrenal glands gets your heart pumping and gets you ready to run.
The same thing happens when your boss comes in your office and yells at you. You may know that you are not actually in physical danger, but your body does not wait for you to make a decision. It just reacts.
Hypnosis allows you to go right into your autonomic system and shut that switch off when it is reacting improperly to situations. Allowing your body to restore balance.

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