Conversational Hypnosis Misunderstandings

There is a great deal of mis-understanding when it comes to conversational hypnosis and possible uses. I created some videos about conversational hypnosis and many of the comments told me that there was a great deal of mis-understanding about hypnosis in general.

I am sure you have seen the stage show where the hypnotist gets on stage calls up some volunteers and then shortly has people running around on stage doing things that most people would consider ridiculous. These shows are highly entertaining and I am always impressed at the amount of skill that some of these performers show.

As I said these shows are highly entertaining, but they have one drawback. They present a use of hypnosis that does not apply to the real world. Many people will walk away from a show like that and determine that hypnosis must be some kind of mind control. It makes sense, the hypnotist was in control and the volunteers were doing things that they normally would not do. This gives the implication that the hypnotist was somehow forcing his will on the volunteers and therefore it must be mind control. I understand the rational but most people miss very significant contributors to the outcomes at a stage show. First he only takes volunteers, no one is on that stage against there will, and if they are it is the social pressure put on them by their friends and family in the audience, not some hypnotic suggestion by the hypnotist. People who volunteer to be on stage at a hypnosis show are a certain type of person, they have personality traits that allow them to volunteer for something they know could be potentially embarrassing. The second big influence is that of expectation. Once they get on stage not only do they have a hypnotist that expects them to perform. They also have an audience full of people expecting them to entertain them. These two factors are enough to make most people act out of the ordinary, but the third factor is what takes it over the edge. That is a built in excuse. If they were to embarrass themselves. Every one of these volunteers could say  “I was hypnotized”. Just like those people who act badly at parties and then blame it on drinking to much. The point is that hypnosis used in a real life setting does not operate the same as it does in a stage show.

This brings me to the misconception about conversational hypnosis. This is not the ability to talk to someone, and then take over their mind. The skill of conversational hypnosis is not a way to take advantage of people. It is a form of highly effective communication. Communication that can bring about changes in a persons thoughts and behaviors.